Discus® N/G effective on leafhoppers, Japanese beetles


Anyone growing certain trees, especially Red Sunset Maples, can attest to the fact that leafhoppers can be a huge problem. An infestation can decimate a tree in a few days.


With leafhoppers due soon – adults generally emerge at about Growing Degree Day (GDD) 568 – growers can use Discus® N/G as a great tool to fight the pest.


A foliar spray of Discus N/G at 25 to 50 fl. oz. per 100 gal. of water provides longterm control of leafhoppers, Japanese beetles, and other sucking insects. Japanese beetle adults emerge at around GDD 970, or later in the summer.


Discus N/G, a combination of imidacloprid and cyfluthrin, may also be drenched in container and field situations. Now, Discus N/G can be used to fight sucking insects in the greenhouse as well. Discus N/G carries a 12-hour REI and a "Caution" signal word.


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