Veranda O providing outstanding botrytis, rhizoctonia control


If grower feedback is any indication, Veranda O fungicide is a winner. Growers who have used the product report excellent control of botrytis, rhizoctonia, and other ornamental diseases.


In addition to ornamentals, Veranda O may now be applied to fruits and vegetables. Growers may use this novel class of chemistry on ornamentals and vegetables for control of not only botrytis and rhizoctonia, but also for control of other problem diseases such as alternaria and powdery mildews.


Growers may use Veranda O for disease control on various crops including cucurbit vegetables, fruiting vegetables, pome fruits, strawberries, and non-bearing vine fruit and fruit and nut trees.


The product carries a 4-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI) and is classified as a "biopesticide" and a Reduced Risk pesticide. Veranda O is soft on beneficial insects and predators. Veranda O should be used preventatively; that is, when conditions are ripe for disease development.


Rates are 4 to 8 oz. per 100 gal. Spray residue is minimal. Veranda O is labeled for use on strawberries and carries a 0 hour Post Harvest Interval (PHI). Veranda O is registered for ornamental use only in California.


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