Our crystal ball says 2012 to be fantastic year


We feel great about the future of the horticulture industry as we head into a new year. We hope you do too. We know the challenges and the issues.


We know about the soft economy and the poor spring weather in many areas that we faced in 2011 and could face again in 2012. But we believe in you, the production ornamental grower, and our industry! We're always amazed by the survivability of our industry.


We're impressed by the innovations, ideas, marketing savvy, and guts that we see. "Ornamental growers are an adaptable group," says Terry Higgins, OHP vice president and general manager. "We know they will survive and thrive in these challenging times and that is why we continue to invest in our company – to make certain we provide great products to thrive along with them."


With over 50 individual products and over 30 brands in its product portfolio, OHP will continue to add to those numbers in 2012 and beyond, notes Higgins.


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