B-Nine 5-pounders now available in OHP packaging


Over the course of 2012, our grower customers will begin to see our reliable plant growth regulator (PGR) B-Nine® in OHP packaging.


For now, just the 5-pound size material is being converted to OHP packaging. The 1-pound B-Nine units will change to OHP packaging later in 2012.


You will continue to see B-Nine 5-pounders packaged in both Chemtura and OHP bags throughout 2012. Eventually the Chemtura packaging will be phased out.


OHP and Chemtura signed a marketing agreement in 2007 which gave OHP exclusive distribution rights for the sale and servicing of all Chemtura horticultural products.


Most of the former Chemtura products have made the switch to OHP packaging. Some will continue to carry the Chemtura packaging but are serviced by OHP.


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