Biathlon intro a big success with nurseries


We launched Biathlon® pre-emergent granular herbicide in May, 2011, and the response from nursery growers has been overwhelmingly positive.


Growers especially like the low-dust, low odor granule and minimal personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements. Product performance is outstanding, as well.


Biathlon Granular Herbicide

Biathlon is labeled for many hard-to-control grassy and broadleaf weeds, including crabgrass, bittercress, oxalis, spurge, and many others.


"The Verge® granule technology used in Biathlon production gives us an edge over competitive granular herbicides," notes OHP Director of Technical Services Jeff Dobbs. "Plus we are effective at 100 lbs. per acre unlike some other granular pre-emergent herbicides which are 150 lbs. per acre."


Biathlon is a combination of oxyfluorfen and prodiamine produced on an easy-to-use, engineered, and consistent granule.


Growers may apply Biathlon in the fall for control of early-season weeds. In addition, growers can apply Biathlon in the spring and throughout the year for long-term weed control.


Users must not exceed two applications of Biathlon per acre, per year, or 200 lbs. per acre, per year. Growers should re-apply Biathlon at 3 month intervals.


As with most granular herbicides, Biathlon must be watered-in with at least ½-inch of water or applied within 24 hours of when rain is expected.


PPE requirements include long sleeved shirt and pants plus socks and shoes.


Biathlon may be used on Christmas tree and conifer farms as well as in grounds maintenance situations and in specified non-crop areas. The specimen label, MSDS, and Product Information Bulletin (PIB) are available here.


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