Disarm O fungicide latest OHP product intro


The new products just keep on coming! OHP's latest product introduction is Disarm™ O fungicide, a member of the strobilurin class of chemistry (MOA #11).


The Disarm O specimen label lists control of tough soil-borne diseases such as rhizoctonia, sclerotium, fusarium and phytophthora. A crown spray is necessary to control these diseases.


In addition, Disarm O is labeled for control of many leaf blights/spots including alternaria, anthracnose, cercospora, myrothecium, powdery mildew, and rusts. As a spray or drench, Disarm O provides up to 21-day residual control, and features speedy translaminar activity.


Disarm O carries a 12-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI) and a "Caution" signal word. OHP continues to include Disarm O in many fungicide research trials throughout the U.S.


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