Judo miticide/insecticide provides excellent, long-term control


If you're looking for effective and fast-acting insect and/or mite control, OHP's Judo® is a great choice. We introduced Judo in 2005 and it has grown into a significant player in the insect/mite control arena. Below is a brief summary of how it is being successfully used for mite and insect control.


Mite control

For many nurseries and greenhouses, Judo is an integral part of a mite control rotational strategy. Judo has many features that make it a great miticide choice:


  • Effective against all life cycle stages of mites;
  • Long-term (30-day) residual control;
  • Labeled for use in both greenhouse and nurseries;
  • Highly translaminar activity;
  • Soft on beneficials;
  • 12-hour REI and CAUTION signal word


The 4F (4 lbs. per gallon flowable formulation) performs well against several mite species including two-spotted, and broad and cyclamen mites. In addition, Judo is used quite frequently and is highly effective in the Northern U.S. on early-season mites such as spruce spider mites.


Insect control

Poinsettia growers rely on Judo for both early and late season whitefly control. It is color-safe and can be used as a "rescue" product when late-season whiteflies are a problem. Judo is highly effective against whitefly nymphs plus it has an effect on the difficult- to-control pupal stage. Judo kills mites and whiteflies by desiccating adults, immatures, and eggs. It also inhibits molting and oviposition in adult females. Judo should not be used on geraniums (Pelargonium spp.), crotons, and Dracaena. Consult the label for a complete list of sensitive plant materials.


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