Veranda O making the grade for botrytis, rhizoctonia control


Growers and researchers are reporting excellent disease control with our new fungicide, Veranda™ O.


Veranda O, with its active ingredient, polyxin D, is providing consistent control of tough diseases such as botrytis and rhizoctonia. During a session at the Michigan Fruit and Vegetable meeting in December, Dr. Mary Hausbeck of Michigan State University called Veranda O an "A player" for both rhizoctonia and botrytis control.


Growers are also seeing control of scab, alternaria, powery mildews, thielaviopsis, and other diseases. In addition to ornamentals, Veranda O may be applied to fruits and vegetables. Growers may use Veranda O for disease control on various crops including cucurbit vegetables, fruiting vegetables, pome fruits, strawberries, and non-bearing vine fruit and fruit and nut trees.


Veranda O carries a 4-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI) and is classified as a "biopesticide" and a Reduced Risk pesticide. Veranda O is soft on beneficial insects and predators.


The product is available in an easy-touse Wettable Dispersible Granule (WDG) which leaves virtually no residue. Veranda O should be used preventatively; that is, when conditions are ripe for disease development. Rates are 4 to 8 oz. per 100 gal.


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