Greenhouse and Nursery Insecticide/Miticide

Kontos is a systemic insecticide from the tetramic acid class of chemistry (MOA Group 23). Kontos can be applied as a foliar spray or drench and controls a number of major sucking insect and mite pests, including adelgids, aphids, leafhoppers, mealybugs, psyllids, spider mites, spittlebugs and whiteflies. Kontos is both xylem and phloem active, meaning that the systemic activity moves upward and downward in treated plants.


Kontos is a suspension concentrate formulation containing 2 pounds of the active ingredient spirotetramat per gallon.


Current state registrations

Kontos - Greenhouse and Nursery Insecticide/Miticide

Labeled for use on:

Kontos may be used on ornamental plants in greenhouses and nurseries, including non-bearing fruit and nut trees (i.e., trees that will not bear fruit or nuts for one year after application) and vegetable transplants.


Mites/Insects controlled:

Adelgids, aphids, leafhoppers, mealybugs, psyllids, spider mites, spittlebugs, whiteflies.



250 mL (8.45 fl. oz.) containers, 6 per case.



There is no known cross resistance of Kontos with other pesticide mode of action groups, making it an excellent part of a resistance management program. Do not use on: gernamiums, orchids, hoya, dracena, cordyline, schefflera, neanthebella palm and ferns.

  • EPA Registration Number432-1471-59807
  • Restricted Entry Interval (REI)0-24 hours
  • Chemical FamilyTetramic acid derivative (ketoenole)
  • MOA23
  • Active IngredientSpirotetramat
  • Rate (see label)Subject to Application Method
  • ApplicationSee above