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Triathlon® BA biofungicide with Andy Seckinger




Andy Seckinger talks about OHP's new Triathlon BA biofungicide at Cultivate 2016. With Triathlon BA's OMRI certification it makes for a great organic fungicide in any veg/herb or traditional ornamental production.


Run time: 2:42



Marengo® herbicide with Dave Barcel




Dave Barcel, Senior Technical Manager with OHP, Inc. talks about both the Marengo Liquid formulation as well as the new Granular formulation. With it's industry leading extended length of control users are seeing significant labor and field cost savings.


Run time: 2:34



Augeo® PGR testimonial from Bill McNitt




Bill McNitt of McNitt Growers in Carbondale, IL gives his personal opinion and shares his results on using OHP's newest PGR, Augeo.


Run time: 4:02



Biathlon® granular herbicide vs. Competition




Comparing Biathlon's "no-dust" formulation to Scotts® Rout® and OH 2™ herbicides.


Run time: 1:14



Augeo® Trials with Andy Seckinger




Watch as Andy demonstrates some of the effects of Augeo on Fuchsia, Verbena and succulents.


Run time: 2:05



Terrazole® L with Dave Barcel




Watch as Dave walks you through the features and benefits of OHP's Terrazole L Fungicide. He demonstrates the effects Terrazole L has on plants, and what plants react the best.


Run time: 1:15



2011 Spring Pack Trials - Augeo® Plant Growth Regulator




Dave Barcel, OHP's Senior Technical Mangaer talks about OHP's new PGR - Augeo.


Run time: 1:48