Kontos label revised, new insects added


You will be hearing a lot about our new insecticide/miticide Kontos® this year. We are pleased that Kontos has become a regular tool in the pest control arsenal of both nursery and greenhouse growers. We've increased some application rates and added thrips and scales (crawlers) to the label.


Kontos has features that set it apart from other products. It exhibits true up-and-down movement in the plant, which is an advantage in the fight against pests. Coverage is easy to achieve with Kontos. Kontos is labeled for use on vegetable transplants. Kontos is phloem-active so growers can spray it and be assured that the active ingredient will move down in the plant. A spreader-sticker will improve performance. Or you can drench Kontos and because it is xylem-active, it will move up systemically through the roots for long-term control.


Drench rates have been increased on the new label revision. Kontos provides thorough control of other sucking insects such as aphids, whiteflies, and mealybugs, and in addition, provides suppression of low populations of mites. Because of its low water solubility, activity with Kontos takes a few days so please be patient.


Kontos is labeled for use in greenhouses, nurseries, and interiorscapes. You'll see plenty of research results plus advertising and promotion for Kontos in 2012. For current label, MSDS or product information click here.


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