Floramite SC/LS available in 8 fl. oz. size for landscapers

Landscapers can now take advantage of a smaller package size recently introduced by OHP. We now offer Floramite® SC/LS Miticide in a new, convenient 8 fl. oz. package. The new convenient packaging is ideal for the small landscaper and is available through OHP distributors. The product is temporarily packaged with a Chemtura label and therefore, carries a different EPA registration number than the one qt. size of OHP Floramite SC.

The EPA registration number of the smaller size is 400-509. Floramite, the leading miticide in the ornamental market, offers fast and thorough control of many types of mites including two-spotted spider mites, spruce spider mites, and Lewis mites. It is extremely soft on beneficial and predatory insects.

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