Marengo proving to be top-flight herbicide

It's official—Marengo® Herbicide from OHP is the new product of the year thus far in the ornamentals market. We launched our pre-emergent flowable herbicide in January and the response from the market has been tremendous. Beginning in the Deep South and moving steadily northward, the demand for Marengo has reached record levels.

Marengo Pre-emergent herbicide

We sold out of our first shipment in a matter of six weeks. "Even though we knew we had a great product based on all the testing we've done, we have been pleasantly surprised as the speed at which Marengo has moved," says Terry Higgins, OHP VP and general manager. "We're happy to report we have ample product in inventory despite the high demand."

Marengo, with the exciting new active ingredient indaziflam, is a selective pre-emergent herbicide that offers longterm residual control of both grassy and broadleaf leaves without harming desirable plants.

Marengo contains the first active ingredient from MOA (Mode of Action) Group 29. The active ingredient prevents weed seed germination by inhibiting cellulose biosynthesis. Marengo does not move once applied to the soil and does not volatilize. The lack of volatility has resulted in Marengo labeling for use in shade and hoop house as a directed spray to the growing surface.

In addition, Marengo is registered for use as a directed spray on production ornamentals grown in outdoor nurseries, as well as on conifers, Christmas trees, and ornamental production sites and hardscapes. "Marengo is labeled for many uses and provides extended broad-spectrum weed control of up to eight months at higher rates," notes Dave Barcel, OHP senior technical manager. "It's extremely active at low use rates." However, Barcel notes Marengo should not be applied as an over the top spray to ornamentals. "We want to stress to Marengo users that they cannot spray it over the top of plants. It's to be used as a directed spray only," adds Barcel. Marengo use rates range from 7.5 to 15.5 fl.oz. per acre depending on soil type and conditions. It performs best when applied to bare ground or mixed with a post-emergent herbicide to eliminate existing weeds. Marengo is packaged in one-half gallons, packed 4 to a case. The product is not yet registered for use in California.

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