OHP 'look' continues to change and evolve

by Ryan Boehm, OHP manager of marketing services

For the past 8 years we've done a great job at building our brand around consistency and the way we visually interface with the market. There comes a time when change is necessary to evolve, and while we want to be respectful of our customers and audience, we've decided to update our look and brand. If you're familiar with our literature or labels, you know we've denoted our products via specific colors based on their categories. (i.e., fungicides, insecticides, etc.) We've decided to lean on that history and build upon it visually.

You'll begin to notice a tie-in with those category colors throughout all of our collateral materials. We liken the many colors to the many "solutions" OHP delivers to the greenhouse and nursery markets. As you begin to see our look change, you may also notice we're taking a more active role with social media. Most of our new marketing pieces will be pushing #hashtags and the use of Twitter (@OHPSolutions).

If those terms seem like Greek, don't worry, we won't leave you behind...it just means your kids or grandkids will have to keep you up-to-date. So join us either digitally or traditionally as we step into our new look in the coming weeks and years.

View for yourself the changes we're making visually with OHP.

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