Greenhouse vegetables added to Shuttle O label

Growers can now use Shuttle® O Miticide on fruiting vegetables grown in greenhouses for control of two-spotted spider mites*. The label expansion is the latest in OHP's efforts to provide more tools for the production ornamental grower. The new labeling allows for use on greenhouse-grown fruiting vegetables including eggplant, groundcherry, pepino, pepper, tomatillo, and tomato.

Shuttle O offers rapid knockdown of mites, Reduced Risk classification, activity on all life stages, long residual control, a unique mode of action, and is soft on beneficial insects. Pre-harvest interval on the amended label is one day. Users are prohibited from using an adjuvant or surfactant while spraying greenhouse-grown vegetables.

Shuttle O is effective on a wide range of mite species including two spotted spider mites, spruce spider mites, citrus red mites, European red mites, and Pacific spider mites, and several others. Shuttle O is the only member of Mode of Action (MOA) group #20B (electron transport inhibitors), which makes the product a great addition to any mite control rotational strategies.

A suspension concentrate (SC) formulation, Shuttle O carries a 12-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI) and a Caution signal word. Consult the label for specific application instructions.

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