OHP adds Strike Plus to product portfolio

We've given one of our established fungicides a facelift. Strike® 50 WDG systemic fungicide has become Strike Plus 50 WDG and will be available later this year. In addition to the active ingredient triadimefon, Strike Plus contains trifloxystrobin, the active ingredient in Compass® O.

The new formulation contains 41.67% triadimefon and 8.33% trifloxystrobin, giving Strike Plus a broader spectrum of disease control. Not only does Strike Plus control powdery mildew and rusts, it also controls anthracnose, black spot, downy mildew, scab, and other diseases.

In addition, we've simplified the label. The former Strike label was difficult to decipher. The new Strike Plus label is more straight forward and easier to interpret. Growers will note an economic benefit to the new Strike Plus label as well. Rates range from 1.2 to 9.0 oz. per 100 gal. of water. We will no longer manufacture the old Strike product but will keep the registration active for a few years to allow growers to use up old stock.

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