Disarm® O


Disarm O is an upward systemic fungicide that provides 14-21 days of control on a variety of pathogens. Disarm O offers both contact as well as translaminar control at very low rates. Use Disarm O in a rotation with Strike or a variety of other fungicides for a season of pathogen clean growing.


Current state registrations

Disarm O - Fungicide
  • EPA Registration Number66330-64-59807
  • Restricted Entry Interval (REI)12 hours
  • Chemical FamilyStrobilurin
  • MOA11
  • Active IngredientFluoxastrobin
  • Rate per 100 gallons1 to 4 fluid ounces
  • Rate per 1 gallon.3 ml to 1.2 ml Drench or foliar spray 1⁄10 tsp to ½ tsp
  • ApplicationDrench or foliar spray

Labeled for use on:

Ornamentals grown in the greenhouse, nursery, and interiorscapes.


Diseases controlled:

Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, Anthracnose, Septoria Leaf Spot, Myrothecium, Rust, Scab, Blackspot, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia Root Rot.



8 fluid ounces, 8 per case.



Use in rotation with other fungicides for control of rhizoctonia and foliar diseases such as botrytis.