FenStop is highly effective against downy mildew, pythium, phytophthora, and foliar phytophthora in greenhouses. FenStop is a good rotational tool in the battle against root and foliar diseases.


The product is highly translaminar as a spray and systemic when applied as a drench. The active ingredient in FenStop exhibits no known cross-resistance to most other fungicide chemistry.


Rates vary from 7 to 14 fl. oz. per 100 gal. of water and FenStop may be used once every 28 days. For downy mildew, pythium, or phytophthora control, FenStop may be rotated with Aliette, or other appropriate fungicides.


Fenstop - Fungicide

Labeled for use on:

Ornamentals grown in the greenhouse.


Diseases controlled:

Downy Mildew, Foliar Phytophthora, Phytophthora, Pythium.



1 quart container, 6 per case.



FenStop should be rotated with fungicides with different modes of action for control of downy mildew, pythium, and root foliar phytophthora.

  • EPA Registration Number432-1389-59807
  • Restricted Entry Interval (REI)12 hours
  • Chemical FamilyImidazolinones
  • MOA11
  • Active IngredientFenamidone
  • Rate per 100 gallons7 to 14 fluid ounces
  • Rate per 1 gallon4⁄10 tsp to 8⁄10 tsp.
  • ApplicationDrench or spray