Root inducing substance

Hormodin is a root inducing plant hormone. Hormodin is a formulation of indole-3-butyric acid (IBA). IBA is a synthetic auxin rooting hormone, which acts as a root stimulant.


Hormodin enhances rooting, which reduces propagation bench time and plant loss. Hormodin is easy to use, yielding steadfast performance of rooted cuttings and zero disease migration.


To apply Hormodin, moisten cuttings, in particular the basal ends of the cuttings before treatment (except geraniums). Pour a small amount of Hormodin into a bowl or pan. Dip and stir basal ends of the cuttings in Hormodin. Remove excess powder by tapping on the rim of the container. Then, plant treated cuttings in rooting medium. Simply stated, "Dip it - Tap it - Stick it". Hormodin works best when used on fresh cuttings.


Hormodin is available in three strengths: Hormodin 1, at 00.1% (IBA); Hormodin 2, at 00.3% (IBA); and Hormodin 3, at 00.8% (IBA).


Hormodin 1 is a general purpose powder designed for the grower who propagates plants such as roses, carnations, poinsettias, some shrubs and most soft herbaceous plants.


Hormodin 2 is prepared specially for propagating many woody and semi-woody plants, including some of the evergreens.


Hormodin 3 is prepared specially for propagating the more difficult to root varieties, including many of the evergreens and dormant leafless cuttings.


Hormodin - Root inducing substance

Labeled for use on:

Ornamentals grown in commercial or research greenhouses, shadehouses, and nurseries.


Labeled plants:

Ornamentals. See label for full listing.



Hormodin 1 and Hormodin 2 are packaged in 1-pound containers (12 x 1 lbs. per case) and 10 kg pails. Hormodin 3 is packaged in 8 oz. containers (12 x 8 oz. per case).



Cuttings that respond satisfactorily to Hormodin 1 may be injured by Hormodin 3 and in some cases by Hormodin 2. See the plant listings on the product labels to select the correct Hormodin formulation.

  • EPA Registration Number59807-4, 59807-2, 59807-3
  • Restricted Entry Interval (REI)0 hours
  • Chemical FamilyRooting hormones, synthetic auxin
  • MOA6
  • Active IngredientIndole-3-butyric acid
  • ApplicationDip it - Tap it - Stick it