Microbial Fungicide

G. virens, the active ingredient in SoilGard is a naturally occurring soil fungus, which is antagonistic to plant pathogenic fungi such as Pythium and Rhizoctonia, thereby aiding in control of these damping off and root rot pathogens. SoilGard acts as a preventative and will protect non-infected plants. It may not, however, cure already infected plants. Where possible allow the treated soil or media to incubate for 1 day prior to planting to achieve the best results. Do not use other soil fungicides at the time of incorporation. Later addition of fungicides is acceptable but usually unnecessary.


Soilgard OMRI Certificate
Soilgard - Microbial Fungicide

Labeled for use on:

Ornamentals and food crop plants grown indoors and outdoors, in greenhouses, nurseries, and interiorscapes.


Diseases controlled:

Pythium and Rhizoctonia (Damping off and Root Rot).



5 lbs. bags, 4 per case.


  • EPA Registration Number70051-3
  • Restricted Entry Interval (REI)4 hours
  • Chemical FamilyMicrobial (preventive)
  • Active IngredientGliocladium virens strain GL-21
  • Rate per 100 gallons.5 lbs. to 2 lbs.
  • Rate per 1 gallon½ tsp to 2 tsp (2.5g to 10g)
  • ApplicationDrench or Soil Incorporation