Suffusion® Granular


Suffusion is an effective blend of surfactants for use on all types of growing media in nurseries, greenhouses, interior plantscapes, and soil production. Suffusion works by reducing surface tension of applied water, penetrating into dry and water repellent areas, and linking together water-repellent soil and water. Peat, bark or alternative compost substrates are typically candidates for Suffusion.


An effective blend of 3 types of surfactants:


  1. Wetter/Spreaders
  2. Penetrants
  3. Re-wetting Agents


How does it work?


  • Reduces surface tension of applied water
  • Penetrates into dry and water repellent areas
  • Links together water repellent soil and water


Where to use?


  • Peat, bark or alternative compost substrates
  • During production of compost
  • On growing media during plant production


How to use?


  • Incorporate granule or liquid during production of growing media
  • Use liquid as a drench, for top watering, basal irrigation or drip irrigation
  • Use through the irrigation/fertigation system
  • As a mist to cuttings
  • Use granules as a top dressing for containers


When to use?


  • Production of quality compost
  • Production of quality plants
  • When edge effects cause uneven drying
  • When wet spots occur
  • When irrigation demands are high
  • If plants are suffering water related stress


Key Benefits


  • Use in nurseries, greenhouses and compost production
  • Can be used on all types of growing media
  • Liquid or granular formulations easy to use
  • Gives excellent initial wetting and improves water penetration
  • Offers long term re-wetting (rate dependent)
  • Ensures uniform wetting of the growing media
  • Helps retention of optimum Moisture levels in the growing media
  • Reduces the number of dry spots or excess water in the growing media
  • Improves drainage
  • Optimum balance between water and air spaces
  • Allows growing media to dry more evenly
  • Helps to optimize water utilization
  • Is easy to mix even under cold conditions
  • Improves distribution in the media of other products, and therefore can enhance performance
  • What does the grower gain?
  • Offers the plant 100% of the media to grow in
  • Management of water and reduction of labor and disease
  • Improved distribution and uptake of nutrients and other media incorporated products
  • Healthier growing conditions and reduced stress in plants


Suffusion Granular

Granular Formulation for Initial Wetting and Grower Media Blender Growing Media Preparation - Incorporation


Production Area Rate/cubic yard Longevity Requirements Growing Media Conditions
Containers, field soil
Long-term production cycles
2 lbs. Maximum longevity (9 -12 months)
Severely water repellent
Pots, hanging baskets
Medium term production cycles
1 lb. Medium longevity (3 - 6 months)
Moderately water repellent
Flats, pots, trays, plugs
Short term production cycles
1/2 lb. Short term activity (2 - 6 weeks)
Slightly water repellent
Further applications can be made as necessary during production (see below or liquid label).


Growing Media in Production — Top-dress and Drench In


Production Area Rate
Containers, pots, hanging baskets 2 teaspoons per I gallon container
4 teaspoons per 2 gallon container
2 tablespoons per 3 gallon container
3 tablespoons per 5 gallon container


Labeled for use on:

All types of growing media in nurseries, greenhouses, interior plantscapes and soil production.


Conditions controlled:

Resistance to wetting.



50 lbs. pail.



For more complete mixing information, please see Product Information Bulletin.


  • EPA Registration NumberN/A
  • Restricted Entry Interval (REI)0 hours
  • Chemical FamilyAlkoxyether Surfactants
  • Rate½ lb. to 2 lb. per cubic yard
  • ApplicationSoil incorporation or top dressing