Terrazole® 35% WP

35% Wettable Powder Turf & Ornamental Fungicide

Terrazole 35% WP is an effective soil fungicide for prevention and control of damping-off, root rot and stem diseases caused by Pythium and Phytophthora species in ornamental and nursery crops.


Terrazole 35% WP - Wettable Powder Turf & Ornamental Fungicide

Labeled for use on:

Ornamentals, and nursery crops and golf course tees and greens.


Diseases controlled:

Pythium spp, and Phytophthora spp.



2 lbs. bag, 6 per case.



For best results maintain tank agitation to ensure uniform application. Always read and follow label directions when using this product.

  • EPA Registration Number70506-569-59807
  • Restricted Entry Interval (REI)12 hours
  • Chemical FamilyThiadiazole fungicide
  • MOA14
  • Active IngredientEtridiazole
  • Rate per 100 gallons3.5 to 10 ounces
  • Rate per 1 gallon½ tsp to 1 ½ tsp
  • ApplicationDrench or spray