Triathlon® BA

Aqueous suspension biofungicide/bactericide

Triathlon BA is an OMRI listed broad-spectrum preventative biofungicide and bactericide for use on a wide variety of ornamentals, fruits, vegetables and herbs grown in greenhouses, nursery and shade houses.


Current state registrations

Ancora OMRI Certificate
Triathlon BA - Aqueous suspension biofungicide/bactericide

Labeled for use on:

Ornamentals, vegetables (fruiting and leafy), legumes, cucurbits, corms, fruits, tree nuts, and herbs and spices.


Diseases controlled:

botrytis, powdery mildew, downy mildew, rusts, leaf spots, scab, alternaria, pythium, phytophthora, rhizoctonia, fusarium, and bacterial spot.



1 gallon containers, 4 to a case



Triathlon BA contains a minimum of 1 x 1010 colony-forming units (cfu) of active ingredient per milliliter.

  • EPA Registration Number70051-107-59807
  • Restricted Entry Interval (REI)4 hours
  • Chemical FamilyBiological
  • MOA44
  • Active IngredientBacillus amyloliquefaciens
  • Rate per 100 gallonsfoliar .5 to 6 quarts; drench .5 to 4.5 pints
  • Rate per 1 gallon1 tsp to 11 ⅕ tsp (4.8 mL to 57.0 mL)
  • ApplicationSpray or drench