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Triathlon® BA biofungicide with Andy Seckinger




Andy Seckinger talks about OHP's new Triathlon BA biofungicide at Cultivate 2016. With Triathlon BA's OMRI certification it makes for a great organic fungicide in any veg/herb or traditional ornamental production.


Run time: 2:42





Biathlon® granular herbicide vs. Competition




Comparing Biathlon's "no-dust" formulation to Scotts® Rout® and OH 2™ herbicides.


Run time: 1:14



Augeo® Trials with Andy Seckinger




Watch as Andy demonstrates some of the effects of Augeo on Fuchsia, Verbena and succulents.


Run time: 2:05



Terrazole® L with Dave Barcel




Watch as Dave walks you through the features and benefits of OHP's Terrazole L Fungicide. He demonstrates the effects Terrazole L has on plants, and what plants react the best.


Run time: 1:15



2011 Spring Pack Trials - Augeo® Plant Growth Regulator




Dave Barcel, OHP's Senior Technical Mangaer talks about OHP's new PGR - Augeo.


Run time: 1:48