The best kept secret in botrytis control

Let AstunĀ® Ornamental Fungicide give relief to at least one cold weather headache. An application of Astun willAstun Ornamental Fungicide by OHP, Inc. provide rapid control of botrytis spp. on spring crops, including plants in full bloom, with no phytotoxicity potential.

Astun provides preventative, systemic, and curative activity on ornamentals grown in commercial greenhouses and nurseries, including plants in color.

Users should add a spreader sticker of their choice with Astun to reduce the possibility of residue on leaves and flowers. Astun provides fast and outstanding botrytis control with the active ingredient isofetamid, a new fourth-generation member of the SDHI class of chemistry, mode of action (MOA) group 7.

Use rates range from 10-17 fl. oz. per 100 gal. of water.

Astun carries a 12-hour REI and Caution signal word.

OHP also offers a Botrytis Recipe for Success which contains great rotational information for growers.

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