Monthly Archives: April 2013

OHP re-launches Terraclor® 400 ornamental fungicide

April 20, 2013

OHP, Inc. announces the re-launch of Terraclor® 400 Ornamental Fungicide for users in greenhouses, nurseries, and shadehouses. In addition, Terraclor 400 may be used on landscape and field grown ornamentals. The economical liquid fungicide is widely used for control of tough diseases such as rhizoctonia, sclerontinia, and phyllostica. Terraclor 400 can be sprayed, drenched, or  Continue Reading »


Floramite® Miticide now offered in new 8 fl.oz. package

April 20, 2013

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Floramite® SC/LS Miticide in a new 8 fl. oz. package. The new convenient packaging is ideal for the small landscaper or grower and offers a significant profit opportunity for distribution. Floramite, the leading miticide in the ornamental market, offers fast and thorough control of many types of  Continue Reading »