Prevention and Management of Boxwood Blight

by Kelly Ivors, Extension Plant Pathologist, Dept. of Plant Pathology, NC State University


This disease can significantly impact the appearance and aesthetics of boxwood because the foliage typically becomes blighted and drops from the plant. Symptoms of box blight include: dark‐ or light‐brown, circular leaf spots often with darker margins; dark stem cankers or black ‘streaks’ on stems; straw‐ to bronze‐ colored, blighted foliage; and leaf drop. Leaf spots may grow together to eventually cover the entire leaf (see pictures). In container boxwood, sometimes only the lower foliage and stems become infected, leaving the tops green and making the plant appear top‐heavy.On large field‐grown or landscape plants only one section of the plant closest to the ground on the shaded side will be blighted.

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