OHP biosolutions makes debut in 2017

OHP proudly announces the introduction of “OHP biosolutions” to better serve the greenhouse and nursery market OHP biosolutionsincluding vegetables and herbs.

This new line from OHP will feature products that are specifically designed to address the expanding segment of growers who utilize biological products exclusively or in combination with conventional products.

We see the steady evolution of our industry from one where conventional products were dominant to one where growers are using all available options,” notes Dan Stahl, OHP vice president and general manager. “Our motto has been ‘OHP, your partner with solutions.’ Now, with biosolutions, we’ve broadened our approach to include non-conventional products for the diversity of growers we see today,” adds Stahl.

OHP will soon add insecticides, fungicides, and specialty products that are mostly compatible with vegetable crops and herbs grown in media or in hydroponic situations, notes Stahl. The upcoming biosolutions products from OHP, mainly comprised of reduced risk products, will be compatible with beneficial insects, and pollinators. Most of the products will also be compatible with organic production. Many of the new products will carry short Restricted Entry Intervals (REI) of 4 hours and require minimal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

With the expanded product offerings, in addition to the current OHP legacy products, OHP solidifies its position as the leading supplier of pest management tools and solutions for the greenhouse and nursery market.

The initial product introductions are scheduled for early 2017.