OHP Introduces Augeo™

OHP introduces Augeo™ – Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) to the production ornamental market

Augeo (pronounced ah’ gee o) is a unique PGR developed to increase lateral branching in both herbaceous and woody plants. Augeo produces thicker, fuller crops with increased side shoots and increased bloom potential. Labeled for use in greenhouses, nurseries, lath and shadehouses, Augeo may be used on perennials, bedding and flowering plants, plugs and liners, trees, shrubs, woody plants, and foliage.

“Some crops have difficulty in developing more branches especially in the very early stages of growth,” notes OHP Senior Technical Manager and PGR Specialist Dave Barcel. “When used properly, Augeo can help with those crops.” Barcel stresses that proper application timing is critical for maximum effectiveness. Generally speaking, the earlier the application, the more consistent the result, notes Barcel. Growers should consult the specimen label for timing instructions.

Unlike traditional PGRs, most of which are giberellic acid (GA) inhibitors, Augeo’s active ingredient dikegulac-sodium induces cell wall collapse. The result is similar to a chemical pinch with decreased apical dominance, increased lower bud initiation, and release of lower buds. “Most PGRs inhibit GA production in the plant,” says Barcel. “Even though we call Augeo a PGR, we know it doesn’t work that way. It is unique in its mode of action.”

OHP plans to continue testing Augeo throughout 2010 and beyond to increase the number of plants on the specimen label. Augeo has a “Caution” signal word and carries a 4-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI).

In addition to Augeo, OHP markets other leading PGRs including B-Nine®. Cycocel®, and Paczol®.

As with all pesticides, growers should read and follow label directions before using Augeo.