OHP signs marketing agreement with Vestaron

February 21, 2017 – (Kalamazoo, Michigan) – OHP, Inc. a leading marketer of crop protection solutions for the production ornamentals market, announces a new partnership with Vestaron Corp. of Kalamazoo, MI.

Under the terms of the agreement effective immediately, OHP will market Spear® O, a greenhouse bioinsecticide that controls thrips, whiteflies, and spider mites, pests that are regularly cited as toughest to control for greenhouse ornamental growers.

We are excited to bring Spear O to the market as another tool for the greenhouse ornamental grower,” says Dan Stahl, OHP vice president and general manager. “Whether a grower relies on conventional or a biological insecticide approach or a combination of the two, Spear O is a great choice.”

Vestaron is a privately-held biotechnology company that specializes in the development of safe and effective bioinsecticides derived from naturally-occurring peptides.

We are very enthusiastic about partnering with OHP to commercialize this product,” says Vestaron CEO John Sorenson. “OHP has a strong reputation in this segment of the market and we expect the relationship to be a very fruitful one. I can’t think of a better company to bring the safety and effectiveness of this biological insecticide to growers throughout the U.S.

Spear O should be used in much the same manner as other insect and mite control products, notes Dr. Carlos Bográn, OHP technical manager. “Growers are accustomed to treating regularly for insect and mite control. We recommend that Spear O be used as part of a pest management program utilizing different products with dissimilar modes of action,” says Dr. Bográn. Spear O is a toxin-derived bioinsecticide that provides effective control of these three pests without harming honey bees, fish, birds, humans, and other mammals.

It’s the first time that a venom-peptide has been developed for use as a bioinsecticide,” notes Dr. Bográn.

With a dual mode of action, resistance to the bioinsecticide is unlikely to develop, says Dr. Bográn.

More information may be found at vestaron.com.

(Spear O is a registered trademark of Vestaron Corp.)

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