OHP announces new revised Kontos® label

The Kontos® Insecticide/Miticide label has been recently revised to help increase product Kontos Miticide/Insecticideperformance. Soil drench application rates have been increased and thrips and scale crawlers have been added to the label.

Kontos has unique features that set it apart from most other products such as true up-and-down movement in the plant. It is both foliar and root absorbed.

Kontos is phloem-active, meaning users can foliar-apply (spray) and be assured that the active ingredient (spirotetramat) will move down in the plant. When applied as a foliar spray, a spreader-sticker may improve performance.

Growers can also soil drench Kontos and because it is xylem-active, the active ingredient will move up systemically through the roots to the growing tips. Soil drench rates have been increased to offer better control of hard-to-control insect pests.

The best way to use Kontos is early in the crop cycle when insect populations are low and the product has time to work,” notes OHP Director, Technical Services Jeff Dobbs. Dobbs notes that Kontos moves slowly throughout the plant. Users may not see results for 10 days to two weeks, depending on the plant and pest combination, he adds.

Kontos may be sprayed on bedding plant plugs while still in trays. This new application strategy takes advantage of the foliar systemic action and also saves the grower time and money.

Plugs sprayed at this time will usually have 3 to 4 weeks of control which gives the root system time to develop,” says Dobbs.

An application of an alternate Mode of Action (MOA) systemic insecticide like Marathon® will then eliminate most of the insect pests in a typical bedding plant crop cycle.

OHP is a leading marketer of pest control solutions to the production ornamentals market.

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