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OHP adds Sarisa Insecticide to portfolio

OHP is excited to announce the introduction of Sarisa™ Insecticide, a revolutionary new product for broad-spectrum control of insect pests on ornamental greenhouse and nursery stock. The active ingredient in Sarisa, cyclaniliprole, provides extended residual protection against key nursery and greenhouse pests such as thrips, beetles including flea beetles and Japanese beetles, armyworms, gypsy moths,  Continue Reading »

OHP announces new revised Kontos® label

The Kontos® Insecticide/Miticide label has been recently revised to help increase product performance. Soil drench application rates have been increased and thrips and scale crawlers have been added to the label. Kontos has unique features that set it apart from most other products such as true up-and-down movement in the plant. It is both foliar  Continue Reading »