Weed Control inside greenhouses and enclosed structures

Dr. Chris Marbles, Univ of Florida on the importance of weed control in greenhouses and enclosed structures

Presented at SAF conference, Orlando, FL 2015

Weeds of containerized crops in enclosed structures are often more problematic in nursery than greenhouse crops, primarily because most greenhouse crops are grown with higher quality media that is relatively free of weed seed.  However, weeds still cause problems in floriculture crops often due to poor cultural practices. Gravel and fabric mulch can reduce weed germination, but in some cases gravel will become filled with potting media and crop debris, negating their initial benefits.

Weeds easily germinate along edges, and at tears and worn areas of weed block fabric. Scouting is critical to determine if weed seeds are germinating in pots.  Weeds under benches or in walkways may not directly impact plant growth but they do harbor pests (aphids, whiteflies, thrips, and mites). The most cost-effective weed control is prevention and using both chemical and non-chemical methods for a truly integrated pest management (IPM) program.

Full article here: Weed Control inside Greenhouses and Enclosed Structures

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