OHP introduces improved Marengo G formulation

OHP, Inc. announces the availability of the new and improved Marengo® granular herbicide formulation.

Marengo G herbicide with new verge granules

Marengo G herbicide using New Verge granules.

The new formulation of Marengo G allows for easier application and provides the same effective performance.

We’re pleased with the initial response and market acceptance we saw with the original Marengo G formulation,” notes Dan Stahl, OHP vice president of marketing and business development. “We feel Marengo G produced on the new granule will result in even greater market penetration.

The new Marengo G formulation, with its active ingredient indaziflam, is produced on granules that utilize the proprietary Verge® technology, resulting in larger, heavier, and more uniform particles that offer several advantages for users:

  • Reduced dust for less applicator exposure;
  • More uniform coverage;
  • More accurate, on-target applications even in breezier conditions;
  • Less chance for plant injury as the heavier particle rolls freely off of plant surfaces

The new formulation looks and handles much like Biathlon®, another quality OHP herbicide, notes David Barcel, OHP senior technical manager for herbicides and PGRs.

Both Marengo G and Biathlon are produced utilizing the Verge granule technology,” says Barcel. “We have received nothing but positive feedback from Biathlon users and anticipate the same with Marengo G.

Marengo G offers effective, long-term pre-emergent control of both broadleaf and grassy weeds with little effect on desirable plants. The product does not volatilize and does not move in the soil once it is watered-in after application.

Marengo G can be applied over-the-top of containers in nurseries, and may be applied in hoop, shade and lath houses.

OHP is a leading marketer of pest and weed control solutions to the production ornamentals market.

Click here more information on the reformulated Marengo G.

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