OHP Fortress herbicide – Now registered in California!

January 28, 2020

OHP, Inc. is pleased to announce the California state registration of Fortress® Ornamental Herbicide.Fortress ornamental herbicide used outdoor to control crabgrass, eclipta, bittercress, oxalis, marestail, spurge, purslane, and others

Fortress is now available for sale through authorized OHP distributors in California as well as in other states.

Fortress is a unique combination of the active ingredients isoxaben and dithiopyr formulated on a user-friendly engineered granule that provides virtually no dust and low odor. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements are minimal for the applicator.

The Fortress granules are uniformly round and do not hang up in crop canopy, resulting in better coverage and performance.

The specimen label lists many desirable perenn0ials, ornamental grasses, and woody plants that are tolerant to Fortress. Among the troublesome broadleaf and grassy weeds controlled by Fortress are crabgrass, eclipta, bittercress, oxalis, marestail, spurge, purslane, and others.

OHP is a leading provider of pest control solutions to the production ornamental and horticultural markets.

Click here for current state registrations, label, SDS and product information.


EPA approves 10 pesticides for use on hemp

January 2, 2020

In December of 2019 EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved adding hemp to the use sites of 10 pesticides. Nine of the products are biopesticides and one is a conventional pesticide. For further information, or to see the current EPA hemp registration applications, click here.

Below is a list of OHP’s current biosolutions offerings:


OHP introduces Pradia Insecticide!

August 1, 2019

OHP, Inc., announces the introduction of Pradia™ Insecticide to the ornamental nursery and greenhouse markets.Pradia Insecticide cyclaniliprole and flonicamid foliar spray aphids, thrips and whiteflies

Pradia is a broad-spectrum, innovative and novel combination product developed for control of both sucking and chewing insect pests on ornamentals.

The combination of active ingredients – cyclaniliprole and flonicamid — provides quick knockdown and lengthy residual activity of many troublesome pests including whiteflies, thrips, aphids, leafminers, armyworms, moths and caterpillars, loopers, plant bugs, Japanese beetles, lace bugs, and beetles including flea beetles.

We are pleased to offer Pradia to our nursery and grower customers,” says Dan Stahl, OHP vice president and general manager. “The unique combination makes it an ideal, fast-acting, broad-spectrum insect control solution.

In addition, the combination product offers another advantage.

The systemic and contact activity offered by Pradia makes it an ideal choice for use on hard-to-control sucking and chewing insect pests,” says Dr. Carlos Bográn, OHP manager technical service. “Plus the combination of two active ingredients with overlapping spectrums of control will aid in preventing resistance to diamide insecticides on key pests such as thrips, whiteflies, and aphids.”

Compatible with parasitic wasps, predatory mites, and lady beetles, Pradia is ideal for use as a tool in an IPM program.

Pradia is formulated as a user-friendly soluble concentrate in quart containers and has a 12-hour REI.

Click here for the latest state registrations, label, SDS and Pradia product information.


OHP adds Sarisa Insecticide to portfolio

August 1, 2019

OHP is excited to announce the introduction of Sarisa™ Insecticide, a revolutionary new product for broad-spectrum control of insect pests on Sarisa, cyclaniliprole, provides extended residual protection against key nursery and greenhouse pestsornamental greenhouse and nursery stock.

The active ingredient in Sarisa, cyclaniliprole, provides extended residual protection against key nursery and greenhouse pests such as thrips, beetles including flea beetles and Japanese beetles, armyworms, gypsy moths, loopers, plant bugs, lace bugs, and leafminers.

Sarisa offers many attributes that make it an outstanding product to use today and into the future and we’re happy to introduce another tool to help both our nursery and greenhouse grower customers manage their insect control,” says Dan Stahl, OHP vice president and general manager.

A diamide insecticide, Sarisa provides quick knockdown and residual activity of sucking as well as chewing insects with its novel mode of action and has a 4-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI).

The active ingredient in Sarisa assists in the conservation of many beneficial insects such as predatory mites, parasitic wasps, and lady beetles, notes Dr. Carlos Bográn, OHP manager technical services.

The selectivity of the active ingredient allows beneficial insects and other arthropods to continue to manage secondary pests,” says Dr. Bográn, making Sarisa compatible with IPM and resistance management programs.

Sarisa is formulated as a user-friendly soluble concentrate that may tank mixed with appropriate partners. The use of a spreader sticker may help performance.

Click here for the latest state registrations, label, SDS and Sarisa product information.


OHP FireWorxx herbicide now available

July 16, 2019

FireWorxx™ is a OMRI-listed post emergent herbicide for control of weeds in greenhouse, nursery and landscape ornamentals, FireWorxx organic herbicide by OHPgrounds maintenance, and non-cropland areas. FireWorxx is a fast-acting, non-selective broadleaf weed, grass, algae and moss killer. FireWorxx is not translocated. It will burn only those plant parts that are coated with spray solution.

FireWorxx can be used any time during the year and works best during sunny, warm and dry conditions. Application during cold weather may delay appearance of plant damage. If rain falls within 3 hours of treatment, an additional spray may be required. FireWorxx controls many common annual weeds and suppresses the growth of biennial and perennial weeds. It can be used in cultivated areas prior to planting crops. Treated areas can be re-planted as soon as desirable level of weed control is obtained.