Grower has success controlling Botrytis with Astun fungicide.

April 3, 2019

Astun Fungicide, OHP, Inc.

This past fall and winter produced great conditions for the development of botrytis on greenhouse crops. Based on information from OHP and others, and an application last spring, Jim Stepp, production manager at Van Wingerden International, decided to apply Astun™ Ornamental Fungicide to more crops.

Jim Stepp, Van Wingerden InternationalWe have been using Astun as both a preventative and curative. The first usage was on a ranunculus crop that had quite a bit of botrytis on the lower leaves and crowns,” says Jim. “Someone recommended we try Astun. We sprayed and were surprised that it is such a great cleanup material. Astun totally cleared up the botrytis. We rotated a couple of other fungicides and then reapplied it and we stayed clean through the entire crop cycle.”

Jim continues: “We also used it last spring on pansies and violas with very good results. We sprayed it with full flowers and saw no damage. We used Astun on fuchsia baskets before they were hung with overhead drip lines as a preventative and it performed very well. We felt like we got good systemic action.”

Last fall, Jim used Astun to prevent botrytis on VWI’s finished cyclamen program. “Our cyclamen were very clean even in some very wet, cloudy weather. There was no damage to open flowers. We used a spreader sticker and had no visible residue on the cyclamen flower,” he says.

“We feel like this product is very effective, safe on all crops we have tried it on, and is a great tool in the fight against botrytis.”

Contact your local OHP regional sales manager for more information on Astun fungicide.

Click here for current state registrations, label, SDS and product information.


OHP adds Kalmor Fungicide/Bactericide to its biosolutions

March 18, 2019

OHP is pleased to announce the addition of Kalmor® Fungicide/Bactericide to its line of quality biosolutions™Kalmor Fungicide/Bactericide for ornamental growers.

Available through authorized OHP distributors, Kalmor is an OMRI-listed, copper hydroxide-based fungicide that is labelled for use on a range of vegetables and herbs grown in greenhouses, shadehouses, and nurseries, for control of many problematic fungal and bacterial diseases.

Available in an easy-to-use dry flowable formulation, Kalmor is labelled for control of alternaria, bacterial leaf spot, botrytis, cercospora leaf spot, downy mildews, fire blights, needlecasts, pseudomonas leaf spots, xanthomonas leaf spot, and other diseases.

“Kalmor is a high-quality formulation with smaller particles than other copper-based products,” says OHP Manager Technical Services Dr. Carlos Bográn.

“The smaller the particle, the more copper ions there are in solution which means you need less product to do the same job,” says Dr. Bográn. “Less copper is better for the environment as well.”

Kalmor is effective against resistant strains of certain diseases, making it an ideal choice in an IPM program, adds Dr. Bográn.

As with any copper-based products, users should check compatibility with other products before tank mixing. Kalmor should not be tank-mixed with OHP’s Areca® Fungicide or other aluminum-based products.

OHP biosolutions is comprised of products that are specifically designed to address the growing segment of green growers, who focus on non-chemical or softer means of pest control. For more Kalmor information, including Label, SDS and product information click here.


OHP set to launch Fortress herbicide

September 20, 2018

OHP is pleased to announce we have received federal registration for Fortress® Ornamental Herbicide, aFortress Ornamental Herbicide from OHP pre-emergent granular product that provides outstanding control of broadleaf and grassy weeds on woody plants, perennials, and grasses.

Fortress will be available through authorized OHP distributors in early October.

A unique combination of isoxaben and dithiopyr, Fortress is manufactured using engineered granules that produce virtually no dust and low odor.

Fortress granules are uniformly round and do not hang up in crop canopy, resulting in better plant tolerance and increased safety for the applicator. The Fortress specimen label lists minimal Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements for the applicator.

The Fortress label notes many tolerant perennials and grasses along with a detailed list of broadleaf and grassy weeds controlled such as crabgrass, eclipta, bittercress, oxalis, marestail, spurge, purslane, and others.

Fortress is packaged in 50-pound bags, 40 to a pallet. Use rate is 150 lbs./acre.

Please click here for current state registrations as well as Fortress label, SDS and product information.


Ron Ostrander joins OHP Sales Team

July 20, 2018

We are ecstatic to add Ron to our sales team,” say Troy Bettner, OHP head of sales and marketing. “He is a proven, experienced performer and is well-liked and respected by his grower customers and distributor sales people.

Ron is based in Apopka, and covers Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.Ron Ostrander, OHP, Inc.

Prior to joining OHP, Ron’s vast experience includes sales and commercial roles at Chemlawn, VJ Growers Supply, ProSource One, and most recently the HC Companies.

Ron holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from University of Lynchburg in Lynchburg, VA.

With his diverse background and experience in the horticultural market, Ron is a valuable resource for his customers,” adds Bettner. “He is extremely knowledgeable about growing and providing marketplace solutions.

OHP, Inc is a leading supplier of pest control solutions to the production ornamentals market.


OHP names new head of sales and marketing

April 30, 2018

We are pleased to announce a key addition to team OHP.

Effective April 30, Troy Bettner has joined OHP as head of sales and marketing. He replaces long-time leader Terry Higgins, who retired March 31. He will lead the sales and marketing efforts with OHP’s experienced team of horticulture professionals.

Troy Bettner, Sales & Marketing Manager with OHP, Inc.Troy has many years of experience in agricultural chemicals, most recently as business development leader for Helm Agro, an agricultural-based provider of pest control chemicals. He also worked several years in the horticulture market.

OHP is thrilled to bring Troy on board to help with our sales and marketing efforts. With his varied background, he will play a key role in helping to lead OHP into the future.

Troy holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Business from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Purdue University.

“I am so excited to be part of OHP, the leading horticultural solutions provider,” says Troy. “I look forward to meeting with the many OHP customers throughout the country.”

Troy, his wife, and three children reside in Carmel, IN.